The Family Unit – Purserving the Future for our Grandchildren

Orrin Woodward – Leadership Expert

The information I have been learning through Orrin WoodwardClaude Hamilton and the LIFE materials is creating a huge call to action and a sense of duty is being instilled within me. This is a post I felt compelled to write after an amazing conversation I had with my dad and his wife a few nights ago. Feel free to comment on my thoughts.

Today we are living in a society where the badge on most people’s shoulders is “I’m too busy.”  In contrast, the television ratings seem to be higher than ever. Today I was listening to a CD and reviewing some research done on, “How much time the average father in North America spends with their children on a daily basis.” What they mean by this is quality time; looking into the eyes of their child and communicating effectively. How much of this quality time would you guess is spent? Two hours, one hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes? The sad truth is that in today’s age, the average father will spend 37 seconds of quality time with their children a day. I was shocked beyond belief when I heard this. After looking at all the surveys and intense research done in this field, the speaker on the CD went on to talk about how today’s culture is preparing for a future where we will eventually lose all of our freedoms. Men today are seen in the media as being over weight couch potatoes that watch football and drink beer. That needs to change. I saw the movie “Courageous” a few weeks ago and it simulates a real life story about the family unit in today’s society. I believe this movie should be seen by every family and will cause a ripple effect to make people see how important the family unit really is. It’s one of those movies that you buy for yourself and watch over and over again. It’s about a call to action for all men to change their families for the better. Here is the movie trailer. 

The majority of parents today have the thought in their mind that they want to provide a better life for their kids. I can understand this for sure; however, the word “better” is actually replaced by the word “easier.” Back in “old school days,” as my dad would say, he was raised in a society where the family unit was the main thing.  Families ate dinner at the dinner table; they prayed together and were thankful for all that they had, no matter how little. Back then, you knew everyone in your community. If a project came up like building a barn, house or church, the whole community chipped in to help. Everyone valued each other and lived by the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Parents would instil their world views, principles, morals and ethics onto their children.  

What is it like today? These principles are slowly going by the wayside.  Many parents are ‘too busy’ to instil their beliefs onto their children. They expect our education system or day care providers to do this for them. In today’s age, our children are getting their morals and beliefs from the media and are learning how bad the world is way too early in life. This, in turn, causes a negative world view in their lives. When is the last time you saw a young person help someone they didn’t know, whether it be an elder in their community or a peer?

Today we are taught or educated in a field where the person or business (university or college) doing the teaching has no personal investment in making sure you succeed. I was reminded of this about six months ago when I was in Antigonish going through the drive-thru at a fast food establishment. I noticed the guy that handed me my food had a St. Francis Xavier University ring on; he had graduated from the local university and as a result, he gets to work for minimum wage. A very high percentage of graduates don’t even work in their field of study. Education today is way more about socializing than learning. Back in the “old school days,” you had a mentor that would teach you in your chosen field and this person had an invested interest in making sure you were successful. What happened to the days where people always seemed to have mentors in their life that truly cared for your well-being and wanted to make a difference in this world? They really are few and far between. I really feel blessed that Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward have come into my life and challenged me in all the 8F’sand taught me “how to think” instead of “what to think.” 

Oliver DeMille

I had the amazing privilege of listening to one of the top 10 freedom fighters in the world, Oliver DeMille. He gave a talk on what it will take to restore the freedoms in our countries. I was in a crowd of about 18,000 people who were on the edge of their seats the whole time he spoke. He asked for volunteers in the fight for freedom; he knows he can’t do it alone. He finished up by saying that if only 3% – 5% of the people in our countries would stand for freedom, then we would go into a Freedom Shift that will preserve a better future for our grandchildren then what their fate is now.

Will you be part of the 3% – 5 %? Your grandchildren are counting on you!

All the Best in LIFE, Alex Nickerson

14 thoughts on “The Family Unit – Purserving the Future for our Grandchildren

  1. Marie and Glen Lawson

    WOW Alex, your ability to put great thoughts into words is truly a gift from God. I agree whole heartily that the world lacks a principle driven moral compass. But among the bad, there is a few glimmers of hope for our society. TEAM of course is one, but there are others. I am personally involved with the World Wide Scouting Movement as a Cub Scout leader with Scouts Canada. I see youth come through our program who, with much positive guidance, are able to develop the moral compass that so many other youth are lacking. I hope and pray that in the future more organizations such as Scouting and Guiding and our wonderful TEAM can grow and develop more individuals who’s principles and moral values are rooted soundly in good and who develop themselves further to become leaders in our world. Only with such leaders do we hope to bring about the needed shift in thinking that will better society for here rations to follow.

  2. Awesome blog Alex, Raylene and I watched this movie also and left inspired to keep the message alive. We are so glad that we are in this fight for good with you my friend. You are a great leadership role model and an amazing dad.

  3. I so agree with your blog Alex.. Family is going by the way side and the children of our future are going to be the result of that.. if we do not change our thinking . I always thought that since I have a degree that I would make more in life , though I am a preschool teacher not making much over minimum wage, now that I have the right information I can start to change my future.
    Our society needs to hear the truth and stop living the lie that society has taught them as the truth. It scares and shocks me to see some of what I do in my field about lack of family values and how children today are being raised. I played outside most of my childhood and living in a small community knew most of the people in my community. Now about 10-15 years later.. I walk to the bus on my way home to find two young gals about age 9 trying to stone two younger gals with rocks for no reason. We all need to dip into this values from the courageous Movie and LIFE and take the world for a tail spin in the right direction; full of truth and integrity.

  4. Gerry & Kim Kennie

    Awesome, awesome message Alex! Did you ever write something so compelling and life changing as this in your five years of University? I am guessing not. We are in the battle with The Nickerson’s and Team. It’s time to turn off the TV and turn on Living a Life of Excellence. Very proud of you once again!

  5. Jon and Jenny LaPierre

    Wow! Another amazing post Alex! You are so passionate about making a difference – as you should! So many people are just settling for good when they can have great! We were shocked to read that a father might spend 37 seconds of quality time with his children! Something needs to be done so children can have more quality time with their parents…. Oh wait… There is!!!! Alex is just one example of the success you can have with Team/LIFE – he is able to be a stay at home dad, along with his amazing wife Leighann, and spend all day with his family! The Nickerson’s are making a difference and we are thrilled to be at their side!

    Who wants to be a part of a Freedom Shift? Who is going to help make a difference?

  6. Trevor and Julie MacDonald

    Wow! Simply amazing blog, Alex! The whole world needs to hear this information and you, my friend are just the person to help deliver that message! What a blessing you are to those around you.

  7. Peter and Edie Yeaton

    Once again you have made me so proud and honored to know you! Yours is a message that comes from the heart and you and your ‘family’ make this world a better place. My prayer is that we can all find a way to get others to see… there are blessings to be found and to be had, and you and TEAM and LIFE are the keys if we can just find the courage to unlock our minds and our hearts. Thank you for sharing such a profound message and for being YOU!!

  8. Bob Prankard

    Alex my friend,
    Great post. I haven’t seen Courageous yet – but you make a great case for moving it up on the priority list.
    Who would have thought a mentor could be someone 1/2 your age? But the wisdom shown in this post is just one example of why Sherri and I can – without reserve – count on you to speak truth into our lives. Thank you for this post and for your example.

  9. Eileen and Keith Crossman

    That was amazing , It really makes you think about everything you do and how it affects our children. Thank you for the beautiful message

  10. Sandra Saunders

    Courageous WAS an amazing movie and I pray that it gets into the hearts of all Dad’s so they may go forward and make a difference in their households, their communities and their children’s furture’s!
    Proud to have you as a mentor and friend Alex! Proud to be in the fight along side of you and your incredible wife!

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