The All New Life Leadership Forums

Hey everyone,

I wanted to do a post on the amazing forums website that Claude Hamilton thought of.  It’s a great way for members, customers & prospects to get answers to their many questions.

Thanks to Chris Brady and the head office for putting this all together, this is a great tool for all the members of Life Leadership.

Orrin Woodward wrote an awesome article about my best friend Claude Hamilton that everyone should read and if you know him personally you should leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Click on this link and enjoy the article.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson


Which Free Trips Are You Going On?

Rewards don’t get much bigger or more sensational than this! As you run full steam ahead toward Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted, we thought it might be fun to send you on a couple of trips along the way to celebrate your progress and to get you refreshed for the rest of your journey. Read on to learn more about the fabulous trip options available and the criteria necessary for LIFE Members to qualify for one of these splendid world-class vacations. Remember that you will need a passport if traveling out of the country. Good luck! And don’t forget to pack your camera and sunscreen!


  1. 3,000 Trip Points – 200 Trip Points are awarded each month for meeting the following requirements:
    1. Generating a minimum of 200 personal PV, which is the sum of personal PV plus Registered Customer PV
    2. Generating 50 customer PV, which can be achieve with a minimum of 25 Registered Customer PV plus a maximum of 25 Self-Reported PV, on a consecutive monthly basis
    3. Self-Reported Customer PV does not count toward the 200 PV requirement

    This process is called Trip Tracking. A Member can begin Trip Tracking at any time, but once a month is missed, the Member’s trip account balance is reset to zero. Members receive a 400 Trip Point Bonus for taking Step 4 of the Next Step Program. New Members have until their sixth full month in business to meet the customer requirement. Until this time, they are considered to be in their customer apprenticeship period and are awarded 200 points for generating 200 personal PV.

  2. PV – 6,000 Total PV for six consecutive months with a minimum of 4,000 PV in Team #1 and an additional 2,000 PV, including personal and customer volume, outside of Team #1.
  3. 3. For example, a new Member who enrolled on May 1st, generated 200 PV and took Step 4 in the month of May would be awarded 200 Trip Points plus the 400 Trip Point Bonus for a total of 600 Trip Points. And if the Member continued to do 200 PV, he or she would need to acquire 50 PV in customer PV no later than the month of November. This Member would qualify for the trip by continuing to Trip Track, accumulating a minimum of 3,000 Trip Points, and meeting the 6,000 for 6 requirement.

Trip Options

1. Disney World, Orlando, Florida – 4-day/3-night stay at Disney’s Beach Club Deluxe Resort. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a New England-style Disney Deluxe Resort, shaded by broad oak trees and lapped by the gentle waters of the 25-acre Crescent Lake. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, Disney Park Hopper Passes, Disney dining meal plan, transportation to and from the airport, and transportation to all Disney properties and theme parks.

2. Arenal, Costa Rica – 6-day/5-night stay at the Arenal Kiori Suites and Spa hotel.  Perched one thousand feet above the Arenal Valley, the Arenal Kiori allows for incomparable views of the Arenal volcano, the lush valley, and the surrounding towns that sparkle at night. This trip includes an airfare credit, daily breakfast, canopy tour, volcano hike, and safari boat floating.

3. Oasis of the Seas, Bahamas Cruise – 8-day/7-night balcony cabin cruise. Experience the ship that revolutionized cruising; its revolutionary and breath-taking design includes seven distinct neighborhoods tailored to create the ultimate experience of enjoyment for all passengers. This ship is the largest in the world, watch the video for all the details.

4. Sandals Resort, Negril, Jamaica – 5-day/4-night stay at the Sandals Negril Couples Resort & Spa. Spanning Negril’s famed Seven-Mile beach, Sandals Negril conjures up tropical vibrations with a casual, understated elegance. Stroll through walkways dotted with swaying palms and sea breezes and savor world-class cuisine at breathtaking, oceanfront restaurants. This trip includes an airfare credit, all inclusive resort including meals, drinks, land & sea activities, gratuities, and transportation to & from the airport.

This is absolutely amazing, Life Leadership gives you information to transform your mind and help you live the life you have always wanted, then they throw in One Time Cash Awards, Now Free Trips.  Things just keep getting better and better on the Life Leadership community.

We have helped close to 10 people win this free trip already but what is even more amazing is that when I first started with Life Leadership community, it would take close to a year for people to start to qualify for these free trips. I have people starting to qualify in there first 3 months now and in June 2014 alone we had 4 people start qualifying for it.  I love where this company is headed.

Comment on the bottom and tell us what your experience has been like in Life Leadership community thus far and if you have won a free trip tell us whats it was like.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

Life Leadership: 2014 One Time Cash Awards (OTCA’s)

Hello 2014, This is so amazing I had to let everyone know about the updated One Time Cash Awards.  It was another fantastic year that the Life Leadership business was way ahead of progress again that they had to go ahead and add an extra $728,500 dollars to the OTCA’s program since it launch in 2012.  Who does that?  Thanks you so much to Claude Hamilton, Orrin Woodward and the rest of the Life Leadership Founders for truly making this the best opportunity on the planet.


2014 One Time Cash Awards Program


In addition to meeting the PV requirements to achieve each rank below, a Member must also meet the following on a consecutive monthly basis.

  1. Generate a minimum of 200 Personal PV, which is the sum of Personal PV plus Registered Customer PV
  2. Generate 50 Customer PV, which can be achieved with a minimum of 25 Registered Customer PV plus a maximum of 25 Self-Reported PV
    • Self-Reported Customer PV does not count toward the 200 Personal PV requirement

Note for new Members:

  1. New Members have until their 6 full month in business to meet the 50 Customer PV requirement

Below are the ranks and respective OTCA’s for 2014:

Leader 6

Receives $6,000  (Up from $3,000 in 2013)

This means you have to qualify as a Leader for six months out of the year with at least three months in a row.  There are two ways you can qualify as a Leader.

  1. Have a total of 15,000 PV or more with no downline Members with 15,000 points or
  2. If you do have downline Member with 15,000 PV in your 1st team, you must have 6,000 PV outside of your first Team, which includes all outside Teams, personal volume and customer volume.

Leader 12

Receives $12,000 (Up from $8,000 in 2012)

Coordinator 6

Receives $7,500 (Up from $4,000 in 2012)

Coordinator 12

Receives $15,000 (Up from $10,000 in 2012)

 Sr. Coordinator 6

Receives $16,000 (Up from $10,000 in 2012)

Sr .Coordinator 12

Receives $32,000 (Up from $25,000 in 2013)

Life Coach 6

Receives $60,000 (Up from $30,000 in 2012)

Life Coach 12

Receives $120,000 (Up from $80,000 in 2012)

Executive Life Coach 6

Receives $120,000 (Up from $50,000 in 2012)

Executive Life Coach 12

Receives $180,000 (Up from $125,000 in 2012)

Double Life Coach 6

Receives $180,000 (Up from $75,000 in 2012)

Double Life Coach 12

receives $250,000 (Up from $200,000 in 2013)

Triple Life Coach 6

Receives $250,000 (Up from $100,000 in 2012)

Triple Life Coach 12

Receives $375,000 (Up from $175,000 in 2012)

Important information…

As you move up through the ranks during the fiscal year, you can accumulate the bonuses for more than one rank.

EXAMPLE:Let’s say you qualified as a Leader in January. Then you continue qualifying throughout the entire year, but in July you also move up to the rank of Coordinator and remain there through the end of the year (thereby hitting Coordinator for 6 months). In this case, you would accumulate three OTCA’s: $6,000 for Leader 6, $12,000 for Leader 12, and $7,500 for Coordinator 6. Your total OTCA’s for the fiscal year, on top of all your other monthly LIFE bonuses, would, therefore, be $25,500.

This is really amazing.  Leighann and I worked out our OTCA’s for the next 12 months and it is totalling $70,500, I hope you figure out where you can be, run to the last second and claim your victory.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

The Fast and the Furious

Hello Life Community Members, Here is of the latest and greatest 200 club promotional event with the Kaizen Dynasty and Freedomchasers teams.

I want to say thank you to Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward for putting us in a position to take advantage of such an amazing community called LIFE. After just four and a half years of joining them in business, I would never have imagined the friends I have made and the experiences I have had. Thank you both for all that you do to ensure people in North America have a chance to succeed in business and in LIFE.


Here is a post about the awesome adventure we had with the group of people we took to Kartbahn back in April.  This is another example about the FRIENDS and FUN we have in building communities of people. We ran a 200 Club promotion for anyone on our team in Nova Scotia, PEI & New Brunswick.  Those who qualified were invited to join us at Kartbahn Indoor Karting and now KB Tactical.  We were organized into six groups of racers.  Each group would have a practice race, than a qualifying race.  After the qualifying race the top 8 qualifiers for the females and the top 8 for the males raced in two final races for the championship trophies.

                                         Kartbahn Indoor Karting

The practice and qualifying sessions were Fast and Furious.  As you can see in the picture there are many tight corners and barricades.  Many racers ended up in the walls.  The postitive side to this was that each cart had a reverse gear to keep the flow of traffic moving.  Everyone had 2 chances to get their fastest lap times.  The strategy was to clear your path of other racers and be able to make a full lap with no one in your way.  The top 8 fastest laps were chosen to determine the final race.

Here are the fastest qualifiers for the women.withrow

  1. Kelsey Withrow           23.615    
  2. Jenny LaPierre            24.144
  3. Suzanne Wamboldt   24.293
  4. Diane Walker               24.601
  5. Sue Thorne                   24.742
  6. Cathy Dacey                  24.841
  7. Leighann Nickerson  24.940
  8. Sheralee MacEwan    25.011
  9. Krista Packer               25.036            
  10. Denise Levy-Kennie  25.070
  11. Terri Snow                    25.125
  12. Sandra Saunders        25.210
  13. April Lahey                   25.795
  14. Sarah Harris                26.373
  15. Krista Boychuk           26.502
  16. Alicia Pilon                   26.618
  17. Fawnda Shaw              26.643
  18. Jenna McLaughlin     26.685
  19. Kelly Tilley                    26.715
  20. Aleta Kotylak               27.339
  21. Megan Banman          27.612
  22. Heather MacDonald 28.040
  23. Marie Lawson             28.937
  24. Rita Wile                       29.164
  25. Autumn Doucette      31.357
  26. Susan Lahey                32.326
  27. Heather Thibault       34.300
  28. Linda Kelly                   35.911
  29. Heidi Stierli                 51.680

Here are the fastest qualifiers for the men.jon

  1. Jon LaPierre                23.378
  2. Shane Wamboldt       23.468    
  3. Mike Bercier                23.723
  4. Alex Nickerson            23.834
  5. Rickey Banman          23.986
  6. Matt Kotylak                24.047
  7. Ross Thorne                 24.095
  8. Chris Purcell                24.123
  9. Zach Withrow             24.186
  10. Pierre Trudeau           24.256
  11. Kevin Moore                24.276
  12. Trevor MacDonald    24.302
  13. Kris Kitchin                 24.323
  14. Brock Yeaton              24.334
  15. Craig Cole                     24.354
  16. Lewis Thibault           24.477
  17. Gerry Kennie              24.486
  18. Stephen Vessey           24.505
  19. Doug Cox                      24.671
  20. Anthony Whitman    24.785
  21. Raymond Dacey         24.810
  22. Patrick Pilon               24.973
  23. Steven Hubley            24.988
  24. Adam Dignan              24.990
  25. Roger Boychuk           25.030
  26. Shawn MacDonald    25.139
  27. Ken Charsley               25.260
  28. Colin Kennie                25.516
  29. Brett MacEwan           25.677
  30. Edward Kelly               26.157
  31. Trevor Clark                 27.534
  32. Brian Kelly                    28.202


After 12 rounds of karting we were ready for the finals.  The finals are a different style of race.  It was a Grand Prix style race were the top 8 drivers line up and start as the green flag is dropped.  Then it is the driver who finishes 12 laps first that wins the trophy.

Congratulations to Kelsey Withrow as she took the women final by never losing her pole position right to the end. Whats was most impressive about Kelsey’s day was that she had the Third overall fastest lap of the day and I am sorry to say it but she was even .219 seconds faster then me. ;-)   We saw some pretty aggressive driving…. but in the end it was Kelsey on top.  She had her victory lap with the checkered flag.  Way to go Kels!

When everything was said and done and the dust cleared, it was Jon LaPierre on top for the men with a pretty impressive day at the race track.  Way to go Jon!  Above are 2 pictures of Jon and Kelsey with their 1st place trophies.  Overall we had a ton of fun with the guys from Kartbahn and KB Tactical, everyone had a blast.  Stay tuned for more fun with friends on the life team.

side%20stingerHere is a picture of the guns that were used for laser tag.  This is NOT your typical laser tag where we shoot people in a vest. This is Mission Based Laser Tag where you have to shoot people in the head.  This was a ton of fun. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and had to work as a team to win any game. Overall this was a huge successful promotional event. Special Thanks goes out to Matt Veinotte, Alex working the front desk and all the stuff on the race track and in the laser tag room. You guys made the whole evening run smoothly and quickly. Thanks again for everything

Thanks again to all the directors that put this event on, it was a huge success.  If you were part of all the pandemonium and would like to tell us about your night that would be awesome.  Just leave a comment at the bottom.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

Leadershift – A Call for Americans to Finally Stand up and Lead!

Hey everyone, here is a very important book that hits the bookstores on April the 16th.  This book to me will go down as one of the most popular book launches in history. What ever you do, get to one of these book signing and pick up a copy of Leadershift – A call for americans to finally stand up and lead. Even thou I live in Canada this book applies to all governments and I believe that with this information we will be able to reshape our countries and get ready for the next freedom shift.  Are You In?

This is an article by the author Orrin Woodward talking about the book and also I have put the dates and locations for the book signings and speaking engagements. Tell me your thoughts on what you think this book will change in our culture or feel free to share any of your thoughts on this book.

All the best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

We are six days away from the official launch of LeaderShift. The book signing tour has been announced, the book will be in all the bookstores across North America, and we have radio interviews scheduled across America. What exciting time to be alive with a dream. In this case, the dream is to restore hope and freedom for society at large.

An increase in government (beyond internal and external defense) leads to a decrease in society’s freedoms. Therefore, the only way to limit government is by limiting the funds fed to government and holding those responsible who are assigned to use funds wisely. Since no one is capable of watching over a government as large as Washington DC, we must break government down into bite-sized pieces where local leaders can lead and oversee its proper functioning.

My friend Oliver DeMille was a complete joy to work with in this project. He sees things from a different perspective on many issues; however, he also loves to think and reason. Consequently, even when he have disagreed, after reviewing the underlying principles, we hay typically improved the book and proposal beyond what it was to begin with. Oliver is a walking encyclopedia on the Founding generation, but isn’t dogmatic in his beliefs which makes him an amazing student of history and leadership. He has certainly made me better as a thinker, person, and leader. This is true synergy and what makes our LeaderShift partnership work so well.

In fact, we have already started the second LeaderShift book and it is coming together nicely. We are in earnest in our belief that a leadershift can and will be launched on April 16th. When Western Civilization was ailing and needed leaders who would speak truth with love and courage, never let is be said that there wasn’t enough courageous men and women to answer the call. Below is a preview of LeaderShift.


Orrin Woodward

“A lot of people are starting to realize something really important,” said the New York Times bestselling leadership author, Orrin Woodward. “They’re figuring out that Washington isn’t going to fix its problems anytime soon, that things are probably going to get worse in our politics and the economy until real leadership is found outside of government.”

Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille have written a new book that literally takes on the project of fixing America. The book is LeaderShift: A Call for Americans to Finally Stand Up and Lead. “Politicians just aren’t going to fix our problems,” DeMille said, “not in Washington, Ottawa, London, Sacramento, Albany or anywhere else. If things are going to get fixed, the leadership will almost certainly come from business. And network businesses are among the most important source of building leaders in our current society.”

According to their book, a LeaderShift is coming. But just what is a LeaderShift? As Woodward and DeMille put it, “Every once in a while in history, a LeaderShift occurs. It usually comes unexpectedly, and it transforms the world for at least a generation.” Past LeaderShifts include:

  • The historical switch from kings and chiefs as the top leaders to community fathers such as doctors, lawyers and town merchants
  • The 1880-1920’s transition from city fathers as the main leaders to titans of industry, like Carnegie, Morgan and Rockefeller
  • The 1940-1970’s shift from business tycoons as the top leaders to managers, spurred by the work of Edward Deming and innovators from Jack Welch to Sam Walton
  • The 1980-1990’s transition from managers to leaders, influenced by sages like Buckminster Fuller, Earl Nightingale and Stephen Covey

The authors argue that today we are in the early stages of another great transition, this time from political leaders as the top leaders to successful business leaders standing up and making their influence and leadership talents felt in leading society.

But this isn’t a partisan book. Woodward and DeMille say that political parties are at the center of the problem, that what is needed to really get our nations back on track is for business leaders to start making a bigger difference. “There is so much wisdom in our business books and business leaders,” Woodward said, “but most of it is ignored in Washington.”

The book hinges on Five Laws of Decline, each of which is currently chipping away at the strength of many institutions, including business organizations. Executives and entrepreneurs who don’t understand these Five Laws, and how they cause government to hurt business profitability and growth, won’t know how to overcome them. And until the business community learns and responds to the Five Laws of Decline, the authors say, the economy will continue to face overregulation, over-taxation and growth-killing uncertainty.

LeaderShift is written as a business fable, where the lead character is a successful business leader who realizes that politicians aren’t likely to fix our economy any time soon and sets out to find a solution to America’s decline. In the process, he applies the wisdom learned from years in business and from many of the greatest business books, puts together a team of business people to deal with our national problems, and creates a plan of how to really fix America.

When the team gets help from a surprising source, what happens next is a story you’ll want tell and retell. And the solutions in the book are a unique approach that really might work. Most importantly, every business leader—large or small—will want to understand the Five Laws of Decline and take action to deal with them effectively in your own business.

This book is a fun read, an enjoyable story, and it just might be the wake-up call our generation needs to finally stand up and lead. In short, if our politics and politicians aren’t going to lead, it might just be up to business leaders to turn things around.

This book will make you think, and you’ll want to pass it on to everyone you do business with. No business leader right now can afford to be without the knowledge of the Five Laws of Decline, and the book teaches a number of other important ideas that will help business people of all stripes be better leaders.

leadershift-200x200LeaderShift Speaking Engagements – $10 for general attendee, $5 with receipt of purchased LeaderShift book except on Tuesday’s Open Meeting night.

Tuesday, April 16th Los Angeles, CA – Oliver DeMille Book Signing: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Barnes & Noble, 901 B South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Free for LIFE Library Subscribers Speaking Engagement: Right after Open around 9 pm, Howard Johnson, Grand Ballroom, 22 W. Houston Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

Madison, WI – Orrin Woodward Book Signing: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Barnes and Noble, 7433 Mineral Point, Madison, WI 53717 Free for LIFE Library Subscribers Speaking Engagement:  8:00pm, On Stage 9:00pm – 10 pm Alliant Energy Center, Mendota 1-4, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison, WI 53713

Wednesday, April 17th Sacramento, CA – Oliver DeMille Book Signing:  5:30pm – 7:30pm Barnes & Noble, 1725 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815 Speaking Engagement:  8:00pm, On Stage 8:30pm – 9:30pm, DoubleTree by Hilton Sacramento, Salon A, B, & C, 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA 95815

Lansing,  MI – Orrin Woodward (This location is too big for any bookstore) Book Signing at Lansing Center:  6:30pm – 7:30pm Speaking Engagement: 8:00pm, On Stage 8:30pm – 9:30pm, Book Signing 9:30pm – 11:00pm Lansing Center, Halls A & B, 333 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933

Thursday, April 18th London, ON – Orrin Woodward Book Signing: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Chapters, 1037 Wellington Road, London, Ontario N6E 1W4 Speaking Engagement:  8:00pm, On Stage 8:30pm – 9:30pm Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Conference Center, Crystal Ballroom, 591 Wellington Road South, London, ON N6C 4R3

Friday, April 19th Salt Lake City, UT – Oliver DeMille Book Signing: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Barnes & Noble, 1104 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 Speaking Engagement: 8:00pm, On Stage 8:30pm – 9:30pm South Towne Expo Center, 300CD, 9575 S. State Street, Sandy, Utah 84070

Columbus, OH – Orrin Woodward Book Signing: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Book Loft, 631 South Third Street, Columbus, Ohio  43206 Speaking Engagement:  8:00pm, On Stage 8:30pm – 9:30pm Columbus Convention Center, Ballroom 4 & 5, 400 N High St, Columbus, OH  43215

Monday, April 22nd Camp Hill, PA  – Orrin Woodward Book Signing: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Barnes & Noble, 58 South 32nd Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 Speaking Engagement:  8:00pm, On Stage 8:30pm – 9:30pm Christ Community Church, 1201 Slate Hill Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Be sure to check out the LeaderShift promotional video at

Wayne & Raylene MacNamara: New Life PC Members!!!

Hello everyone, here is a fanastic article written by Orrin Woodward about the newest PC members Wayne and Raylene MacNamara.If you were Ottawa, Louisville, or Visalia let us know what your favorite part was from your weekend at the Winter Leadership Convention.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

Wayne and Raylene MacNamara were recognized as new LIFE PC members at the LIFE Business Leadership Conventions. These two were Turbo 10 when they joined the Team community in late 2007, and now six years later, have over a thousand people at events! Leadership matters, and Claude & Lana Hamilton are building a leadership community that loves and serves one another. In fact, the Hamilton’s business is nearly six times bigger today than the day they joined the Team community back in late 2007. The dream is alive and well within the LIFE community.

533572_524724174225430_1190994941_nLaurie and I are so proud of the Hamiltons and MacNamaras for dreaming, struggling, persisting, and ultimately achieving this Olympic Gold level award. The MacNamaras were factory workers with no avenue to move up when they were introduced to Claude and Lana Hamilton. Despite lacking funds, opens, and seminars (the MacNamaras were a distance group and therefore had to build all of this), Wayne and Raylene refused to make excuses and built the system from scratch to not only go PC, but also help so many others accomplish their goals and dreams. The MacNamaras have a contagious enthusiasm for life that attracts so many winners to them. I LOVE spending time with this couple, and I believe this is just the beginning of the impact this couple will have in the world! Today they are debt free, job optional, and enjoying their freedom lifestyle in Ontario, Canada.

This is just the first of a wave of PC who will be breaking in the LIFE community, as the system and products are dialed in for growth. Numbers are up, belief is up, and the speed of growth is up! I love what I am seeing across North America. Thank you to all who attended the Leadership Conventions and celebrated the MacNamara’s victory. 2013 is the year of breakthroughs within LIFE. Is 2013 a breakthrough year in your life? Who was there live for this recognition? Please share how it impacted you.


Orrin Woodward

Winter Leadership Convention is around the corner!!

Hey Everyone, It’s that time a year again. The Winter Leadership Convention is almost here. This is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable conventions in history.  I will be attending the Ottawa, Ontario convention that takes place on the weekend of Jan 25-27, 2013. The Ottawa convention is 1 of three regional going on in January.  We are so pleased to have Orrin and Laurie WoodwardClaude and Lana Hamilton and Dan and Lisa Hawkins all in Ottawa.  These weekends are designed to help people see the big picture in what the LIFE Community is all about.  I started going to these conventions over 4 years ago and havent missed one since.  Here is a short video to see a small climes into what a convention weekend looks like.

What are some of your favorite moments from conventions past?

Hope to see ya in Ottawa ;-)

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson




Life Founders and All Grace Outreach Program

Here is an amazing article by a great friend of mine, Wayne MacNamara.  This article shows the life founders giving back to abused, abandoned and distressed Children and widows.  Claude Hamilton has shown me first hand what this program has done and it is truly a blessing in many peoples lives.  Enjoy.

All the best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson


The founders of LIFE support this amazing cause of helping children. Their support and generosity is incredible. Check it out.

All Grace Outreach originally began in 1993 in Maine as “Christian Mission Services”. In March of 2007, the charity organization was transferred to Michigan and the name was changed to All Grace Outreach. All Grace Outreach is committed to providing assistance to those in need. Our main focus is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world and helping abused, abandoned and distressed children and widows.

Mission and Vision – To impact and improve the lives of children both locally and globally and to fund Christian outreach efforts throughout the world.

AGO Board of Directors

Orrin Woodward serves as the President of All Grace Outreach (AGO). Orrin is a Top Ten Leadership Guru and New York Times best-selling author, husband to wife Laurie, and father to four wonderful children. He is the founder of Signature Management Team and a co-founder of LIFE. His professional history has focused on engineering, international business consulting and public speaking, community building, authoring several books on leadership and self-development, and last, but not least, serving as a wrestling coach. Orrin is committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, to instilling biblical values in homes around the globe, and to assisting less fortunate youth, and he is involved in efforts to build churches and orphanages in India. Orrin possesses a selfless, heartfelt desire to improve and enhance the lives of others, and AGO is blessed to operate under his wise yet humble guidance as President.

Chris Brady serves as the Vice President of AGO. Chris is a co-founder of LIFE and a New York Times best-selling author who has spoken all over the world teaching success principles to hundreds of thousands. He pursues excellence in being a husband, father, and follower of Jesus Christ and is an avid motorized adventurer, world traveller  humorist, community builder, business owner, reader, and lifetime student. The biggest joy for Chris comes in spending time with his wife Terri and their four children, attending soccer games, and dancing with his daughter. Chris is deeply committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and is a strong supporter of charitable donations for mission trips and assistance for less fortunate children and widows. In keeping with this passion and purpose, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward donate 100% of the advances and royalties they receive for the first edition of their best seller Launching a Leadership Revolution to All Grace Outreach. AGO is honoured to have Chris serving as its Vice-President.

Rob Hallstrand serves as the Treasurer of AGO. Rob is the Chief Operating Officer of Signature Management Team and a co-founder of the LIFE business. He is a devoted husband to Susie Hallstrand and the proud father of three children. Despite the demands of his work schedule, Rob shares the duties of soccer and gymnastics dad and can be found most weekends cheering on his children. A long-term friend and trusted business partner to the Woodward family, Rob works hard to support and advance the mission and vision of AGO to impact and improve the lives of children both locally and globally and to fund Christian outreach efforts throughout the world, and he is a welcome addition to the AGO Board of Directors.

Tim Marks serves as the Secretary of AGO. Tim is a co-founder of the LIFE business and the author of the book Voyage of a Viking. He studied engineering for three and a half years at Mott Community College and completed an Electrical Apprenticeship Program. Tim speaks on stages across North America to tens of thousands of people every year. He is a recognized expert in building successful leadership communities and a sought-after business mentor and life coach. A consummate overcomer, Tim fought against dyslexia and major challenges in school to become a voracious reader who today personally oversees a Christian book-of-the-month program for leaders across North America. Tim encourages others to challenge their beliefs and seek the truth about why they are here and what their greater purpose in life could be with his cherished mantra: “Know why you believe what you believe.” AGO is proud to have such a strong business leader and dedicated Christian, husband, and father serving as its Secretary.

Claude Hamilton serves as a Director of AGO. Claude grew up in a small town in northern Ontario, Canada, and served eight years in the Canadian Armed Forces, travelling and spending time overseas. Afterwards he changed his focus, realizing that the life of an entrepreneur was the only life for him. He became a dedicated student of leadership principles and went on to build a highly successful leadership business with thousands of followers. Then, with his devoted friends, he co-founded the company LIFE. He is a passionate promoter of the principles of success and has helped many business partners duplicate his results. Claude is a dedicated husband, and he and his wife Lana welcomed a son into their family in 2011. Known for his adventurous spirit and exceptional gift for bringing lasting personal change to the lives of others, Claude works hard to be the best example he can be to his business partners, friends, and loved ones and benefits AGO in many ways with his service on the Board of Directors.

George Guzzardo serves as a Director of AGO. Before building his own prosperous leadership company and co-founding the company LIFE, George completed eight years toward a pre-med degree and then joined a physical therapy practice in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He also pioneered a state-of-the-art industrial wellness program for the mining and forestry industries. George’s leadership skills and love for helping others are evidenced by his enormous and faithful following. As a highly successful entrepreneur and leader, George has become a nationally acclaimed speaker and life mentor to thousands. He has spent the last decade living his passion for helping families across North America to achieve healthier lifestyles and financial freedom while enjoying his love for travelling  meeting new people, and being outdoors. AGO is appreciative of the blessings George brings through his service on the Board of Directors.

Dan Hawkins serves as a Director of AGO. As a devoted husband and father of four girls, Dan offers an inspiring story of a humble auto mechanic who, through the application of Christ-centered principles, established his own business and grew to become an incredible leader to thousands. His leadership proficiency is so readily recognizable that he has been asked to speak across North America to groups ranging in size from 25 to over 15,000 people, and he also speaks on live webcasts shown around the world to share practical knowledge in all areas of leadership. He is a co-founder of LIFE and authors multiple blogs on leadership and life. Dan is dedicated to bringing out the best in everyone he meets and is always ready to motivate, encourage, and guide others to develop their leadership principles and then “pay it forward.” His gentle and insightful qualities bring a valuable contribution to the AGO Board of Directors.

Bill Lewis serves as a Director of AGO. He studied mechanical engineering for three years and was working as an engineer, as well as pursuing ventures in real estate investing and the vending machine industry, when he was first introduced to and became an avid student of leadership principles. Through the application of the principles he learned, his relationships have flourished and his various entrepreneurial endeavors have prospered. He has built a thriving leadership business with a vast following and is also a co-founder of the LIFE business. He is driven by his desire to help other people enjoy increased success in their personal and professional relationships and works perpetually toward that end. Bill is an inspiration to all those he meets, and his service on the AGO Board of Directors is greatly appreciated

Thank you to the Life founders and your servant leadership.

God Bless, Wayne

A Look Back on your First Year in the LIFE Business

After the LIFE business kick off on 11.1.11 it has been nothing but an amazing journey so far. I have to say being in business with Claude Hamilton and having him as a business coach has made my life pretty exciting.  In the past year Claude and Lana have done things in community building that people never thought was possible. They have spent time meeting with the right leaders and raising up an incredible group of leaders behind them. There is no doubt in my mind that when Claude writes his first book it will be a best seller and soon you will see his name among the top leaders in the North America. It is truly amazing to watch them serve and help people reframe their thinking in order to help them achieve greatness in their lives.

Here are some of the main highlights for me in my first year with LIFE.

- It all started at the launch, when you really knew you were their to witness history in the making.  Being part of an organization that has such a great cause in helping people take the steps to improving their lives, what can be more fulfilling then that.

- They then launched One Time Cash Awards in January way ahead of schedule. I am happy to say we received a $3,000 bones in August and will receive an $8,000 cash bonus in January of 2013.  How can you say no to free money? ;-)

- Then in April if Free Cash wasn’t exciting enough, they decided to launch the Free Trip program. 6 months later we had 6 people qualify for the 6000 for 6 trip and 1 for the Leader for 6 trip. Whats even more exciting is we have people every month starting to qualify. Truly amazing.

- Then we had the launch of LIFE’s flagship product the Mental Fitness Challenge.  This product has help so many people nationwide just check out the comments on the link.

- KCB was introduced in July, which kick started the biggest competition in our business careers. In October the results of the competition were revealed which made for the most exciting and electric Major Conference we have ever had.

These are just a few of the highlights of my first year in LIFE. If you were part of LIFE in the past year, leave a comment on the bottom and tell me what your favorite part has been for you.

All th Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

LIFE Business: First Year Results

I have some amazing news to share with everyone.  Here is a post by Orrin Woodward about the LIFE business first year results. They are pretty spectacular at that. Thanks to an amazing friend and mentor Claude Hamilton, the past year we have seen our business grow by 103% which is a level of growth I have never experienced before in business. If I look at my first four years in business, 2010 was our fastest growing year with a growth of 63%. Most businesses would be excited to grow by 10 to 20% a year. The LIFE business is only in its infancy stage and has an incredibly bright future.  If you’re wondering if the LIFE business can produce the LIFE you have always wanted stay tuned to this blog as we will continue to produce success story after success story.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

LIFE Business Results

LIFE Business Founders

LIFE Business Founders

Just over a year ago this week, the LIFE business launched in North America. Amid much fanfare, several best-selling authors and top leaders partnered together in the community building business with a goal to end the decline of North American morale and productivity. When opportunity and preparedness meet, success must happen. The LIFE founders were prepared and, thanks to God’s grace, the opportunity presented itself to do something in the leadership field that had never been done before. With the  LIFE founders (pictured above), the LIFE business  exceeded even my highest expectations for the first year.

For instance:

1. The LIFE business surpassed 100% increase in subscriptions of the LIFE and LLR Series in under one year of business. 2. The LIFE business launched the Mental Fitness Challenge and sold thousands of 90-day challenges throughout North America. 3. The LIFE business paid out over $1,800,000 in end-of-year bonuses and free trips its first year. 4. The LIFE business paid out over 70% bonuses on its product volume points in its first year in business. 5. Rob Hallstrand, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TEAM and a LIFE founder, coordinated operations for both companies, and combined sales blew past $50,000,000 (with LIFE leading the charge) from the Flint, Michigan based office. Chris Brady and I have had many great years since forming our first leadership training company in 1999, but nothing feels as good as having the best sales and profits ever this past fiscal year. 6. Team training produced its best operating margins ever (of which 100% of profits flow back to field trainers), as Mr. Hallstrand continued his dramatic turnaround of Team operations. In fact, employee cost-per-profit-dollar has decreased over six times in his three years as COO, leading to increased bonuses for field trainers and office staff—a truly stunning performance. 7. Customers composed nearly 20% of total LIFE business subscriptions in its first year. Considering new members have six months to learn how to develop customers, this number will only grow as members complete training. What other community building business hits 20% customer subscriptions in its first year? 8. The LIFE business launched the Edge Series for youth and has added thousands of satisfied families in LIFE’s first year.

Happy Birthday LIFE Business

There are more details to follow in the coming months, but I wanted to report on a fantastic first year and celebrate LIFE’s birthday with all of you. The LIFE founders have several new products in the works to take the LIFE business to the next level, so get ready! Thank you to everyone involved in making this achievement possible, from customers, members, founders, and the office staff. Happy Birthday, LIFE! And congratulations to all of you who persisted in the accomplishment of the noble mission to change North America (and eventually the world), one person at a time!


Orrin Woodward