Claude & Lana and Alex & Leighann

“Today’s featured Life Founders are Claude and Lana Hamilton. The Hamilton’s home is one of the largest in their Canadian province, which isn’t shocking to me since they have one of the largest dreams in the province also. Neither Claude nor Lana come from wealth, so how did this young couple achieve so much with so little? Simply put, they joined a leadership community, learned principles that allowed them to rise to their potential, and acted upon it.” READ MORE!!!!!……..

This is an amazing article written by Orrin Woodward describing Claude and Lana Hamilton’s journey to the successful people they have developed into today. This is a must read for anyone who wants to know the true story of the Hamilton’s. Enjoy.

If the Hamilton’s have been an inspiration or have helped you in any way in your Life, please leave a comment and tell us how.

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Alex Nickerson