1st Annual Kaizen Round Table House Boating Trip

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give a few details on our first ever Kaizen Round Table House boating trip. Leighann and I flew out to Toronto on July 22nd and were picked up by our great friends Paul and Tara Ferrusi.  We than drove up to Bobcaygeon and the Kawartha Lakes.  After getting to Bobcaygeon we headed to the grocery store and loaded up on food.  We than got dropped off at Happy Days Houseboats on Piggott Lake and began to unload our stuff into the kitchen and bedroom of our luxury house boat.  Captains were chosen for each one of the house boats, Wayne MacNamara was to captain his boat and Terry Franks for ours.  We then met Frank (Owner of Happy Days) and he gave us the run down of everything we needed to know about our boat.  Then came the practicing of docking the boats and getting use to the controls, Wayne and Terry were naturals from the get go.  We stayed at the dock the first night as the rest of our party came throughout the night. IMG_1720

The next morning we set sail for Wolf Island, which is a 3 hour steam from the dock.  We got to go through the Locks systems in the Trent waterways. Trent Waterways was founded in 1833 and today have 44 Locks and 39 Swing Bridges.  It was really cool going through the Locks as we watched the water lower and rise depending on the lake we were entering.Image 2

As we entered Lower Buckhorn Lake we decided to head for Deer Bay and try out the Blob. This is where things became interesting. As we blew it up, all we really could go by was the video from my last post on how to use it.  So Claude jumped in the water and tied it to the boat.  All we could do next was use trial and error method to launch people off the blob.  The first day we set it up it was in the middle of the boat and we tried to jump from the top of the boat and catch our balance on the blob, then crawl out the end. Vary few made this happen, but the one that did make it out got launched at 14 – 16 feet high. That was just enough to entice us to try again in Day 2.IMG_1723

We then docked on Wolf Island for the night were a had an amazing supper.  After we got everything cleaned up after supper we all went out by the fire and got to share in the vision of our Life businesses. It was an amazing night that we got to share with the top Leaders in Kaizen.IMG_1737

Each boat had a designated couple that would cook breakfast and supper for the boat.  These were also a highlight of our trip, the food was incredible and we definitely were never left hungry.  Scott Staley went fishing and even landed a great size pike for supper, even thou there wasn’t any takers.

We talked all night and PDCA our lack of progress with the blob and day 2 was better. On this day we tied the blob to the side but now it was at the back of the boat and we could hop on from the lower level and crawl out to the end.  Their was a few small injuries on day 1 that limited the number of people willing to give it an attempt.  The best for me from the day was this video of Denis Leger doing a complete flip in the air. Enjoy.

Day three’s plan was for us to steam over to Big Island to camp for the night.  This would take a big chunk of our day, so we got up at the crack of 8am started breakfast and wanted to be on the water by 9 at the latest.  As we pushed our boat off the island and started to set sail, we noticed our second boat was floating towards the shallow rocks.  At that very moment we heard the sound of metal grinding against rocks.  Come to find out they had hit the rock pretty hard while backing up.  Claude got them to shut their engine off, we then used our boat to pull them to the middle of the lake to assess the damages.  As you can see by the picture they broke the propeller pretty good.  Happy Days come to our rescue with a new propeller that arrived by speed boat a few hours later. ImageWe had a few hours to kill waiting for the propeller so we decided to throw the anchors down and play a few games.  The ladies on one boat and the men on the other.    Once we installed the new propeller we decided to get our last day of blobing in.  This was by far the best day.  It was like we were dialed in.  A little less air in the blob,  and we were hitting new heights.  A couple of high lights from the blob was watching Terry Franks jump on the blob and fight his way out to the end (which was the toughest part) then get launched.  Another impressive moment was watching my wife Leighann attempt 2 times to make it out to the end without success and getting catch in the rope both times, then attempting a third time with success.  This is a picture of Leighann above the tree line, one of the highest launches of the weekend.


As we finally got under way to Big Island we were told that the Locks close at 4:30pm.  This meant that we wouldn’t make it thru Lock 31 in time to get to Big Island for the night.  We then found a marina while looking for a few supplies and fireworks.  They didn’t have a lot to choose from and didn’t have any fireworks.  They told us about this amazing location where we could dock close by for the night and even had two guys come out on a zodiac to make sure we found the right spot.  It was the best location by far, our own private island on a quiet lagoon. IMG_1746They then took Joce into town by zodiac and picked up some fireworks and came back.  We started a fire and ate supper.  As it got dark we began setting up for the fireworks.  Claude cleared the ground for the set up of the fire works and he got me to light them off.   We had the ladies stay on the top of the boat while us men set up a truly awesome firework display.  Here is a short video of the fireworks.

The end of the night concluded with all of us gathered around the camp fire talking about the next 12 – 24 months and the strategy we are going to use.

The last day we got up bright and early at 9am and steam back to the Happy Days dock.   As an added bonus Claude decided to meet all of us at The Keg for a closing out supper which is one of my favorite places to eat.  Thanks for an awesome meal pal.

I want to say a special thanks to Claude and Lana Hamilton for helping set this week up and for supper at The Keg, also to Wayne and Raylene MacNamara for finding the house boats and organizing the costs.  Also thanks to Terry and Anne Franks and Jean and Tammie Belenger for being amazing  boat mates. Also like to say congratulations to Joce and Cynthia Dionne, Denis and Lisa Leger, Scott Staley, and Stuart & Carrianne Hall for all being part of the first official Kaizen house boating trip.  What ever you do run hard and be at next years trip, this was an unforgettable 5 days.  If you were part of this round table trip or someone who would like to comment feel free at the bottom of the page.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

Go Carting at its Finest!!!! – Nova Scotia & New Brunswick Promotion

Claude & ‘Action’ Jaxon

I have to begin by saying thank you to Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward for putting Leighann and I in a position to take advantage of such an amazing business called LIFE. After just three and a half years of joining them in business, I would never have imagined being at this point in my life, with the friends I have met and the experiences I have had. Thank you both for all that you do to ensure people in North America have a chance to succeed in LIFE.

Orrin & Alex

Here is a post about the awesome adventure we had with the group of people we took to Kartbahn the other night.  This is another example about the FRIENDS and FUN we have in building communities of people. We ran a promotion for anyone on our team in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick.  Those who qualified were invited to join us at Kartbahn Indoor Karting.  We were organized into four groups of racers.  Each group would have a practice race, than a qualifying race.  After the qualifying race the top 8 qualifiers for the females and the top 8 for the males raced in two final races for the championship trophies.

Kartbahn Indoor Karting

The practice and qualifying sessions were Fast and Furious.  As you can see in the picture there are many tight corners and barricades.  Many racers ended up in the walls.  The postitive side to this was that each cart had a reverse gear to keep the flow of traffic moving.  Everyone had 2 chances to get their fastest lap times.  The strategy was to clear your path of other racers and be able to make a full lap with no one in your way.  The top 8 fastest laps were chosen to determine the final race.  Here are the fastest qualifiers for the women.

Sue Thorne Takes the Pole
  1. Sue Thorne                    23.299     
  2. Karen Dauphinee        23.349
  3. Krista Packer                23.409
  4. Julie MacDonald         23.467
  5. Heidi Brown                  23.604
  6. Kim Kennie                   23.989
  7. Sandra Saunders          24.226
  8. Sheralee MacEwan       24.240
  9. Danielle Bercier           24.301
  10. April Munro                   25.132
  11. Christine Dulong         25.738
  12. Harlene Wiseman        26.317 
Jason Brown Takes the Pole

Here are the fastest qualifiers for the men.

  1. Jason Brown                 22.081
  2. Mike Bercier                 22.247
  3. Alex Nickerson            22.338
  4. Lewis Thibault            22.478
  5. Brock Yeaton                22.607
  6. Stephen Vessey            22.636
  7. Ross Thorne                  22.808
  8. Gerry Kennie                22.868
  9. Craig Cole                      23.034
  10. Kevin Dulong               23.049
  11. Trevor MacDonald       23.097
  12. Jim Withers                  23.105
  13. John Patterson             23.181
  14. Kris Kitchin                  23.304
  15. Robin Olsen                  23.454
  16. Ken Charsley                23.551
  17. Brett MacEwan             23.601
  18. David Finley                23.823
  19. Steven Wiseman         24.306

After 8 rounds of karting we were ready for the finals.  The finals are a different style of race.  It was a Grand Prix style race were the top 8 drivers line up and start as the green flag is dropped.  Then it is the driver who finishes 12 laps first that wins the trophy.

The Finals – 1. J.Brown 2. M.Bercier 3. A.Nickerson 4. L.Thibault 5. B. Yeaton 6. S. Vessey 7. R. Thorne     8. G. Kennie

Congratulations to Sue Thorne as she took the women final by never losing her pole position right to the end.   We saw some pretty aggressive driving…. but in the end it was Sue on top.  She had her victory lap with the checkered flag.  Way to go Sue!

Here is a video of the final race, Sue Thorne was invited to join the men’s race in the final position.  If you look at the final print out it shows Sue Thorne took the championship, but if you look at the video you can tell she had a little help.  Matt (one of the owners of Kartbahn) was able to control the final race with a handheld remote.  He was able to control the speed of any car with a push of a button.  For example, I started out strong and looking to take it all from third place, but finished dead last.  Here’s how it all shook down, I was originally in third and quickly took the inside to gain second over Mike Bercier.  My race came to an end at the 4:23 mark of the video after Bercier tried to regain second by taking the inside lane around a sharpe corner.  It was at this moment that I had two options.  I could go wide and give up second or I could close the door by putting him into the wall.  And you all know I wasn’t giving up second ;-). We were told that if their was any intentional bumping that you would be slowed down and that is exactly what happened.  After a few more laps, time seemed to stand still as every car was slowed down except Sue Thorne.  She flew by everyone in seconds, it was pretty cool to watch.

When everything was said and done and the dust cleared, it was Jason Brown on top for the men with a pretty impressive day at the race track.  Way to go Jason!  Above are 2 pictures of Jason and Sue with their 1st place trophies.  Overall we had a ton of fun with the guys from Kartbahn and everyone had a blast.  Stay tuned for more fun with friends on the life team.

Kaizen Dynasty & Kaizen Freedom Chasers

Congradulations to all the Quilfiers: Jason & Heidi Brown, Mike & Danielle Bercier, Lewis & Heather Thibault, Brock & Krista Yeaton, Stephen & Katrina Vessey, Ross & Sue Thorne, Gerry & Kim Kennie, Craig Cole, Kevin & Christine Dulong, Trevor & Julie MacDonald, Jim & Karen Withers, John Patterson & Karen Dauphinee, Kris & Jennifer White, Robin Olsen & April Munro, Ken & Gloria Charsley, Brett & Sheralee MacEwen, Patrick & Alicia Pilon, David & Val Findlay, Sandra Saunders, and Steve & Harlene Wiseman.

Thanks again to all the directors that put this event on it was a huge success.  If you were part of the activities and wanted to share your perspective on the days events, that would be awesome.  Just leave a comment at the bottom.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

Laser Tag Anyone – Ontario Promotion

Here is a little bit of the FRIENDS and FUN aspect to our business. I was in Niagara Falls, Ontario last weekend with a bunch of business owners that qualified for a laser tag promotion. We went down to Dave and Busters and rented their laser tag facility for 2 rounds of laser tag.  The first round was to get use to the game and learn a strategy. The second round was for all the marbles, one game, winner takes all.

Is that Rambo?

Paul Ferrusi took the first round hands down. He was the clear favorite going into round 2. I must admit that after round 1 and seeing my results of 10th place, I knew that the second round was going to tough.  The winner would be someone who learned from their mistakes and adjusted their strategy and execute it to the letter. Who would be victorious and carry all bragging rights? Who would step out from the crowd and raise to legendary status in the game of Laser Tag?

Round 2 was a totally different round then the first one.  You could tell that many people had set their sights on Ferrusi and stopping him at all cost.  Could this have been someone strategy the whole time? Let someone else take the first round and put all eyes on them? Ferrusi strategy in round 1 was to run the whole time and shoot as you go. Did that work in round 2? Would he come out on top again?

This is after the 2nd round, And the Winner Is?????

The top 5

 1. Delta – Alex Nickerson – Fall River, Nova Scotia     11,925

2. Sarge – Brian Cameron – St. Catharines, Ontario     11,375

3. Nightwolf – Taylor Henderson – Niagara Falls, Ontario     10,000

4.Romeo – Jill Van Osch – Ridgeway, Ontario     9,625

5. Juliet – Tara Ferrusi – Port Colburne, Ontario     6,975

As you can see Paul Ferrusi didn’t even make it into the top 5 of the Winner takes all round. Love ya buddy ;-). I want to congratulate all the qualifiers who won the Promotion. Their dedication to helping people in their communities strive for excellence in their lives is paying off. The Qualifiers were: Paul & Tara Ferrusi, Greg & Stephanie Winger, Jay & Danielle Robbins, Taylor & Brandy Henderson, Brian & Nicole Cameron, Travis Stolk, Jill Van Osch, Jeff Van Lochem, Wilma Boers.

I can’t wait for my next trip back to Ontario to do another promotion and see who is up for the challenge. I will be adding all of our promotions and qualifiers to my blog on a monthly basis and keep everyone updated how much fun we are having and memories we are creating.

I would love to hear from all the qualifiers on how their day was at dave and busters and how they perceived the afternoon of laser tag, just hit the comment button on the bottom to leave your feedback.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex & Leighann Nickerson