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1st Annual Kaizen Round Table House Boating Trip

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give a few details on our first ever Kaizen Round Table House boating trip. Leighann and I flew out to Toronto on July 22nd and were picked up by our great friends Paul and Tara Ferrusi.  We than drove up to Bobcaygeon and the Kawartha Lakes.  After getting to Bobcaygeon we headed to the grocery store and loaded up on food.  We than got dropped off at Happy Days Houseboats on Piggott Lake and began to unload our stuff into the kitchen and bedroom of our luxury house boat.  Captains were chosen for each one of the house boats, Wayne MacNamara was to captain his boat and Terry Franks for ours.  We then met Frank (Owner of Happy Days) and he gave us the run down of everything we needed to know about our boat.  Then came the practicing of docking the boats and getting use to the controls, Wayne and Terry were naturals from the get go.  We stayed at the dock the first night as the rest of our party came throughout the night. IMG_1720

The next morning we set sail for Wolf Island, which is a 3 hour steam from the dock.  We got to go through the Locks systems in the Trent waterways. Trent Waterways was founded in 1833 and today have 44 Locks and 39 Swing Bridges.  It was really cool going through the Locks as we watched the water lower and rise depending on the lake we were entering.Image 2

As we entered Lower Buckhorn Lake we decided to head for Deer Bay and try out the Blob. This is where things became interesting. As we blew it up, all we really could go by was the video from my last post on how to use it.  So Claude jumped in the water and tied it to the boat.  All we could do next was use trial and error method to launch people off the blob.  The first day we set it up it was in the middle of the boat and we tried to jump from the top of the boat and catch our balance on the blob, then crawl out the end. Vary few made this happen, but the one that did make it out got launched at 14 – 16 feet high. That was just enough to entice us to try again in Day 2.IMG_1723

We then docked on Wolf Island for the night were a had an amazing supper.  After we got everything cleaned up after supper we all went out by the fire and got to share in the vision of our Life businesses. It was an amazing night that we got to share with the top Leaders in Kaizen.IMG_1737

Each boat had a designated couple that would cook breakfast and supper for the boat.  These were also a highlight of our trip, the food was incredible and we definitely were never left hungry.  Scott Staley went fishing and even landed a great size pike for supper, even thou there wasn’t any takers.

We talked all night and PDCA our lack of progress with the blob and day 2 was better. On this day we tied the blob to the side but now it was at the back of the boat and we could hop on from the lower level and crawl out to the end.  Their was a few small injuries on day 1 that limited the number of people willing to give it an attempt.  The best for me from the day was this video of Denis Leger doing a complete flip in the air. Enjoy.

Day three’s plan was for us to steam over to Big Island to camp for the night.  This would take a big chunk of our day, so we got up at the crack of 8am started breakfast and wanted to be on the water by 9 at the latest.  As we pushed our boat off the island and started to set sail, we noticed our second boat was floating towards the shallow rocks.  At that very moment we heard the sound of metal grinding against rocks.  Come to find out they had hit the rock pretty hard while backing up.  Claude got them to shut their engine off, we then used our boat to pull them to the middle of the lake to assess the damages.  As you can see by the picture they broke the propeller pretty good.  Happy Days come to our rescue with a new propeller that arrived by speed boat a few hours later. ImageWe had a few hours to kill waiting for the propeller so we decided to throw the anchors down and play a few games.  The ladies on one boat and the men on the other.    Once we installed the new propeller we decided to get our last day of blobing in.  This was by far the best day.  It was like we were dialed in.  A little less air in the blob,  and we were hitting new heights.  A couple of high lights from the blob was watching Terry Franks jump on the blob and fight his way out to the end (which was the toughest part) then get launched.  Another impressive moment was watching my wife Leighann attempt 2 times to make it out to the end without success and getting catch in the rope both times, then attempting a third time with success.  This is a picture of Leighann above the tree line, one of the highest launches of the weekend.


As we finally got under way to Big Island we were told that the Locks close at 4:30pm.  This meant that we wouldn’t make it thru Lock 31 in time to get to Big Island for the night.  We then found a marina while looking for a few supplies and fireworks.  They didn’t have a lot to choose from and didn’t have any fireworks.  They told us about this amazing location where we could dock close by for the night and even had two guys come out on a zodiac to make sure we found the right spot.  It was the best location by far, our own private island on a quiet lagoon. IMG_1746They then took Joce into town by zodiac and picked up some fireworks and came back.  We started a fire and ate supper.  As it got dark we began setting up for the fireworks.  Claude cleared the ground for the set up of the fire works and he got me to light them off.   We had the ladies stay on the top of the boat while us men set up a truly awesome firework display.  Here is a short video of the fireworks.

The end of the night concluded with all of us gathered around the camp fire talking about the next 12 – 24 months and the strategy we are going to use.

The last day we got up bright and early at 9am and steam back to the Happy Days dock.   As an added bonus Claude decided to meet all of us at The Keg for a closing out supper which is one of my favorite places to eat.  Thanks for an awesome meal pal.

I want to say a special thanks to Claude and Lana Hamilton for helping set this week up and for supper at The Keg, also to Wayne and Raylene MacNamara for finding the house boats and organizing the costs.  Also thanks to Terry and Anne Franks and Jean and Tammie Belenger for being amazing  boat mates. Also like to say congratulations to Joce and Cynthia Dionne, Denis and Lisa Leger, Scott Staley, and Stuart & Carrianne Hall for all being part of the first official Kaizen house boating trip.  What ever you do run hard and be at next years trip, this was an unforgettable 5 days.  If you were part of this round table trip or someone who would like to comment feel free at the bottom of the page.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

Laser Tag Anyone – Ontario Promotion

Here is a little bit of the FRIENDS and FUN aspect to our business. I was in Niagara Falls, Ontario last weekend with a bunch of business owners that qualified for a laser tag promotion. We went down to Dave and Busters and rented their laser tag facility for 2 rounds of laser tag.  The first round was to get use to the game and learn a strategy. The second round was for all the marbles, one game, winner takes all.

Is that Rambo?

Paul Ferrusi took the first round hands down. He was the clear favorite going into round 2. I must admit that after round 1 and seeing my results of 10th place, I knew that the second round was going to tough.  The winner would be someone who learned from their mistakes and adjusted their strategy and execute it to the letter. Who would be victorious and carry all bragging rights? Who would step out from the crowd and raise to legendary status in the game of Laser Tag?

Round 2 was a totally different round then the first one.  You could tell that many people had set their sights on Ferrusi and stopping him at all cost.  Could this have been someone strategy the whole time? Let someone else take the first round and put all eyes on them? Ferrusi strategy in round 1 was to run the whole time and shoot as you go. Did that work in round 2? Would he come out on top again?

This is after the 2nd round, And the Winner Is?????

The top 5

 1. Delta – Alex Nickerson – Fall River, Nova Scotia     11,925

2. Sarge – Brian Cameron – St. Catharines, Ontario     11,375

3. Nightwolf – Taylor Henderson – Niagara Falls, Ontario     10,000

4.Romeo – Jill Van Osch – Ridgeway, Ontario     9,625

5. Juliet – Tara Ferrusi – Port Colburne, Ontario     6,975

As you can see Paul Ferrusi didn’t even make it into the top 5 of the Winner takes all round. Love ya buddy ;-). I want to congratulate all the qualifiers who won the Promotion. Their dedication to helping people in their communities strive for excellence in their lives is paying off. The Qualifiers were: Paul & Tara Ferrusi, Greg & Stephanie Winger, Jay & Danielle Robbins, Taylor & Brandy Henderson, Brian & Nicole Cameron, Travis Stolk, Jill Van Osch, Jeff Van Lochem, Wilma Boers.

I can’t wait for my next trip back to Ontario to do another promotion and see who is up for the challenge. I will be adding all of our promotions and qualifiers to my blog on a monthly basis and keep everyone updated how much fun we are having and memories we are creating.

I would love to hear from all the qualifiers on how their day was at dave and busters and how they perceived the afternoon of laser tag, just hit the comment button on the bottom to leave your feedback.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex & Leighann Nickerson  

The Life You Have Always Wanted!!!!

We just got back from an amazing and inspiring weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  Here is an introductory video that my wife Leighann is in.  This video explains a little about what we do on a daily basis to improve the lives of people in North America.

I would love to hear your feedback on this video. Also if you atteneded the weekend in Columbus, what was your favorite part? Who were your favorite speakers?  What were the highlights for you?

All The Best in LIFE!

Alex Nickerson

Claude and Lana Hamilton – Canadian Leadership Experts

Claude & Lana and Alex & Leighann

“Today’s featured Life Founders are Claude and Lana Hamilton. The Hamilton’s home is one of the largest in their Canadian province, which isn’t shocking to me since they have one of the largest dreams in the province also. Neither Claude nor Lana come from wealth, so how did this young couple achieve so much with so little? Simply put, they joined a leadership community, learned principles that allowed them to rise to their potential, and acted upon it.” READ MORE!!!!!……..

This is an amazing article written by Orrin Woodward describing Claude and Lana Hamilton’s journey to the successful people they have developed into today. This is a must read for anyone who wants to know the true story of the Hamilton’s. Enjoy.

If the Hamilton’s have been an inspiration or have helped you in any way in your Life, please leave a comment and tell us how.

All the Best In LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

The Five Levels of Leadership

 I have been studying material which I have received through our LIFE business and have come across something I have been sharing with a lot of people in the past two weeks. I thought I would give a few examples on the levels of leadership. The following information has come from John Maxwell’s book, Developing the Leader Within You and his new book The 5 Levels of Leadership.

The 5 Levels of Leadership

The 5 Levels of Leadership

1. Position/Rights

This is the smallest form of leadership, which is usually followed up with a title. A lot of people think just because they have a great position at work or in a business that it makes them important and they can call themselves leaders. Most people who have a position are actually managers rather than leaders. This level of leadership is usually given to people rather than earned by their talents and abilities. People will not follow positional leaders any further than their title.
A great quote from Maxwell referring to this level of leadership is, “When the Leader lacks confidence, the followers lack commitment.” I see this a lot in business where people find themselves wondering why they can’t move on. They say things like, “I have told everyone what to do,” or “My team won’t do anything.” Always remember, the speed of the team is the speed of the leader. One main reason why people get stuck at this level of leadership is they may have trouble developing meaningful relationships with people. In other words, people may not like you. The key to moving on here is developing your people skills and learning to genuinely care for other people.

2. Permission/Relationships

This a level where people will give you permission to lead them based on your relationship. The saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” applies here. The deeper, more solid relationships you have, the longer you’re able to lead someone. You can love people without leading them, but you can’t lead people without loving them. Just because you care about someone doesn’t mean you’re able to lead them.

A lot of times people get stuck here in business because they have a hard time getting to the next level of leadership, which is performance. In our business, you may be able to lead someone for 1, 3, or 6 months on a good relationship but if you don’t show them progress, it’s probably not going to go much further than that. The key to moving on is seeking a mentor that can help you hone your skills to be able to develop results and be hungry for the knowledge.

3. Production/Results

This is the level where great things begin to happen. This is where you help people get positive results in LIFE or business and create momentum.  Here, people are focused on results, having a lot of fun and are full of excitement. This level is where people get together to accomplish a purpose.

When you can lead people to this level you are destined to lead for a long time and make a great impact on many lives. Anyone can get to this level by just learning and being persistent and not ever worrying about failure. Some fail to arrive here because they give up just short of being consistent enough.

The biggest downfall to this level is, when some people hit it they think they have arrived and sometimes can develop an ego. Always remember, your organization can only get a certain size when you are the only leader. The main key to moving on to the next level is identifying and developing up and coming leaders by mentorship and coaching.

4. People Development/Reproduction

I once heard that a success without a successor is failure.  This is one of the most rewarding levels of leadership because the only way to get here is to empower others and help them grow personally. This is where a lot of your time is dedicated to mentoring and coaching other people to excel in their careers, lives, or business. The only downfall is sometimes people may think you’re a positional based leader. The way around this is always be leading new people through all these stages of leadership by mentoring and coaching. Most importantly, show them how to move through each level by being out in the field with them.

5. Pinnacle/Respect

This is the level I aspire to reach in the future. Only a lifetime of proven leadership will allow a person to gain the rewards of such a purposed filled life. At this level, you have spent decades mentoring and molding leaders. Your greatest joy is watching others grow and develop into better leaders. This is where your leaders become loyal to you forever. This is where you are nationally recognized and are sought out by others to be their mentor. A great example of this level of leadership, in my opinion, is Orrin Woodward. Today in the world when it is popular to be average, Orrin stands up as an individual that has spent the last 12 years of his life dedicated to reaching a million people and improving their lives. I totally believe within the next 10 years Orrin Woodward will be on the cover of Time Magazine as one of the greatest Americans this world has ever seen.

What level of leadership are you at? Are you striving to get to the next one with everything you got? The TIME IS NOW!!

All the best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

The Family Unit – Purserving the Future for our Grandchildren

Orrin Woodward – Leadership Expert

The information I have been learning through Orrin WoodwardClaude Hamilton and the LIFE materials is creating a huge call to action and a sense of duty is being instilled within me. This is a post I felt compelled to write after an amazing conversation I had with my dad and his wife a few nights ago. Feel free to comment on my thoughts.

Today we are living in a society where the badge on most people’s shoulders is “I’m too busy.”  In contrast, the television ratings seem to be higher than ever. Today I was listening to a CD and reviewing some research done on, “How much time the average father in North America spends with their children on a daily basis.” What they mean by this is quality time; looking into the eyes of their child and communicating effectively. How much of this quality time would you guess is spent? Two hours, one hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes? The sad truth is that in today’s age, the average father will spend 37 seconds of quality time with their children a day. I was shocked beyond belief when I heard this. After looking at all the surveys and intense research done in this field, the speaker on the CD went on to talk about how today’s culture is preparing for a future where we will eventually lose all of our freedoms. Men today are seen in the media as being over weight couch potatoes that watch football and drink beer. That needs to change. I saw the movie “Courageous” a few weeks ago and it simulates a real life story about the family unit in today’s society. I believe this movie should be seen by every family and will cause a ripple effect to make people see how important the family unit really is. It’s one of those movies that you buy for yourself and watch over and over again. It’s about a call to action for all men to change their families for the better. Here is the movie trailer. 

The majority of parents today have the thought in their mind that they want to provide a better life for their kids. I can understand this for sure; however, the word “better” is actually replaced by the word “easier.” Back in “old school days,” as my dad would say, he was raised in a society where the family unit was the main thing.  Families ate dinner at the dinner table; they prayed together and were thankful for all that they had, no matter how little. Back then, you knew everyone in your community. If a project came up like building a barn, house or church, the whole community chipped in to help. Everyone valued each other and lived by the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Parents would instil their world views, principles, morals and ethics onto their children.  

What is it like today? These principles are slowly going by the wayside.  Many parents are ‘too busy’ to instil their beliefs onto their children. They expect our education system or day care providers to do this for them. In today’s age, our children are getting their morals and beliefs from the media and are learning how bad the world is way too early in life. This, in turn, causes a negative world view in their lives. When is the last time you saw a young person help someone they didn’t know, whether it be an elder in their community or a peer?

Today we are taught or educated in a field where the person or business (university or college) doing the teaching has no personal investment in making sure you succeed. I was reminded of this about six months ago when I was in Antigonish going through the drive-thru at a fast food establishment. I noticed the guy that handed me my food had a St. Francis Xavier University ring on; he had graduated from the local university and as a result, he gets to work for minimum wage. A very high percentage of graduates don’t even work in their field of study. Education today is way more about socializing than learning. Back in the “old school days,” you had a mentor that would teach you in your chosen field and this person had an invested interest in making sure you were successful. What happened to the days where people always seemed to have mentors in their life that truly cared for your well-being and wanted to make a difference in this world? They really are few and far between. I really feel blessed that Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward have come into my life and challenged me in all the 8F’sand taught me “how to think” instead of “what to think.” 

Oliver DeMille

I had the amazing privilege of listening to one of the top 10 freedom fighters in the world, Oliver DeMille. He gave a talk on what it will take to restore the freedoms in our countries. I was in a crowd of about 18,000 people who were on the edge of their seats the whole time he spoke. He asked for volunteers in the fight for freedom; he knows he can’t do it alone. He finished up by saying that if only 3% – 5% of the people in our countries would stand for freedom, then we would go into a Freedom Shift that will preserve a better future for our grandchildren then what their fate is now.

Will you be part of the 3% – 5 %? Your grandchildren are counting on you!

All the Best in LIFE, Alex Nickerson

Dream Big

I just wanted to send up this post of an article that was found in Chronicle Herold this past week. It is all about my best friends and mentors Claude and Lana Hamiltons 13,000 sq foot house that they took 2 years to build right here in Nova Scotia.  My wife and I were there for every step of the way and watched as this master piece was put together and this Article says it all. That is me and my son Jaxon in the picture stopping by for our regular Ranger ride.  It truly is a blessing to see what the right information can do in people’s lives.


All the best in LIFE Alex Nickerson

Team, Life and Leadership!!

 When I look back over the past five years of my LIFE it is still hard to believe the changes that have taken place. Five short years ago, I was graduating from university and thought I was going to excel at this thing called LIFE. When I got into the “Real World,” I quickly realized it wasn’t all it was cut out to be. I was told as a young boy to finish high school, go to university and then find a great company to work for, with benefits, and I would be set. This is exactly what I did. I took a job working for a Fortune 500 photocopier company and figured within a year I would be living the good life.

Sadly to say, everything went downhill after that. I took everything I had learned thus far in my life and started going into debt–fast. I started living by the all too common rules of today, “Your Richer Then You Think,” “Ho-Ho-Hold the Payments,” “Borrow to Get Ahead”.  Student loans started to pile up, with all my payments reaching over $900 dollars a month. After six months of going backwards $1,500 to $2,000, I had began to start losing hope that it was ever going to get any better.

Then one faithful night, I received a call from my sister offering an opportunity to gain control over my life again. I had no clue what she was talking about but was willing to do almost anything for a change. A couple of days later, Claude Hamilton came into my life. He sat down with me and began to draw out a way to regain control of my life by concentrating on eight main areas called the 8F’s: Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends, and Fun. At first, I must say it all sounded too good to be true but then he started to give me information in those areas and everything began to change.


Baileigh, Marik,and Jaxon

Baileigh, Marik,and Jaxon

I went from living for the weekend to living a life for excellence. It was amazing to see things that I had learned in university become outdated as fast as it took me to graduate.  I have learned more in the last four years about how the world works, people skills, freedom and purpose in life then I did in the first 25 years put together.  I am so glad I got introduced to the LIFE Leadership Company.  Through the principles, teaching and mentorship from Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward a lot has changed.  In the last three years, I got married to the woman of my dreams, had three amazing children and was able to regain control of my time, walking away from my day job after 23 months of studying and applying the principles from this amazing Life Leadership business.

I am writing this blog for anyone who is tired of ‘living for the weekend’, ‘living paycheque-to-paycheque’, ‘mediocrity’ and who wants to gain some information on how to live a more prosperous life in the 8F’s. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are in the Top 15 Leadership Guru’s in the world, best selling author’s and have developed this system called Team and LIFE along with Tim Marks, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo, Bill Lewis, and Dan Hawkins. All of the information provided in this blog will come from this Leadership and Life training system. I have never claimed to be an expert in any field and I certainly am not here either, all I am striving to be is the best possible student I can be. I hope the information shared here will be a blessing in people’s lives as much as it has been in mine.

All the best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

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