Life Leadership: 2014 One Time Cash Awards (OTCA’s)

Hello 2014, This is so amazing I had to let everyone know about the updated One Time Cash Awards.  It was another fantastic year that the Life Leadership business was way ahead of progress again that they had to go ahead and add an extra $728,500 dollars to the OTCA’s program since it launch in 2012.  Who does that?  Thanks you so much to Claude Hamilton, Orrin Woodward and the rest of the Life Leadership Founders for truly making this the best opportunity on the planet.


2014 One Time Cash Awards Program


In addition to meeting the PV requirements to achieve each rank below, a Member must also meet the following on a consecutive monthly basis.

  1. Generate a minimum of 200 Personal PV, which is the sum of Personal PV plus Registered Customer PV
  2. Generate 50 Customer PV, which can be achieved with a minimum of 25 Registered Customer PV plus a maximum of 25 Self-Reported PV
    • Self-Reported Customer PV does not count toward the 200 Personal PV requirement

Note for new Members:

  1. New Members have until their 6 full month in business to meet the 50 Customer PV requirement

Below are the ranks and respective OTCA’s for 2014:

Leader 6

Receives $6,000  (Up from $3,000 in 2013)

This means you have to qualify as a Leader for six months out of the year with at least three months in a row.  There are two ways you can qualify as a Leader.

  1. Have a total of 15,000 PV or more with no downline Members with 15,000 points or
  2. If you do have downline Member with 15,000 PV in your 1st team, you must have 6,000 PV outside of your first Team, which includes all outside Teams, personal volume and customer volume.

Leader 12

Receives $12,000 (Up from $8,000 in 2012)

Coordinator 6

Receives $7,500 (Up from $4,000 in 2012)

Coordinator 12

Receives $15,000 (Up from $10,000 in 2012)

 Sr. Coordinator 6

Receives $16,000 (Up from $10,000 in 2012)

Sr .Coordinator 12

Receives $32,000 (Up from $25,000 in 2013)

Life Coach 6

Receives $60,000 (Up from $30,000 in 2012)

Life Coach 12

Receives $120,000 (Up from $80,000 in 2012)

Executive Life Coach 6

Receives $120,000 (Up from $50,000 in 2012)

Executive Life Coach 12

Receives $180,000 (Up from $125,000 in 2012)

Double Life Coach 6

Receives $180,000 (Up from $75,000 in 2012)

Double Life Coach 12

receives $250,000 (Up from $200,000 in 2013)

Triple Life Coach 6

Receives $250,000 (Up from $100,000 in 2012)

Triple Life Coach 12

Receives $375,000 (Up from $175,000 in 2012)

Important information…

As you move up through the ranks during the fiscal year, you can accumulate the bonuses for more than one rank.

EXAMPLE:Let’s say you qualified as a Leader in January. Then you continue qualifying throughout the entire year, but in July you also move up to the rank of Coordinator and remain there through the end of the year (thereby hitting Coordinator for 6 months). In this case, you would accumulate three OTCA’s: $6,000 for Leader 6, $12,000 for Leader 12, and $7,500 for Coordinator 6. Your total OTCA’s for the fiscal year, on top of all your other monthly LIFE bonuses, would, therefore, be $25,500.

This is really amazing.  Leighann and I worked out our OTCA’s for the next 12 months and it is totalling $70,500, I hope you figure out where you can be, run to the last second and claim your victory.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

The Fast and the Furious

Hello Life Community Members, Here is of the latest and greatest 200 club promotional event with the Kaizen Dynasty and Freedomchasers teams.

I want to say thank you to Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward for putting us in a position to take advantage of such an amazing community called LIFE. After just four and a half years of joining them in business, I would never have imagined the friends I have made and the experiences I have had. Thank you both for all that you do to ensure people in North America have a chance to succeed in business and in LIFE.


Here is a post about the awesome adventure we had with the group of people we took to Kartbahn back in April.  This is another example about the FRIENDS and FUN we have in building communities of people. We ran a 200 Club promotion for anyone on our team in Nova Scotia, PEI & New Brunswick.  Those who qualified were invited to join us at Kartbahn Indoor Karting and now KB Tactical.  We were organized into six groups of racers.  Each group would have a practice race, than a qualifying race.  After the qualifying race the top 8 qualifiers for the females and the top 8 for the males raced in two final races for the championship trophies.

                                         Kartbahn Indoor Karting

The practice and qualifying sessions were Fast and Furious.  As you can see in the picture there are many tight corners and barricades.  Many racers ended up in the walls.  The postitive side to this was that each cart had a reverse gear to keep the flow of traffic moving.  Everyone had 2 chances to get their fastest lap times.  The strategy was to clear your path of other racers and be able to make a full lap with no one in your way.  The top 8 fastest laps were chosen to determine the final race.

Here are the fastest qualifiers for the women.withrow

  1. Kelsey Withrow           23.615    
  2. Jenny LaPierre            24.144
  3. Suzanne Wamboldt   24.293
  4. Diane Walker               24.601
  5. Sue Thorne                   24.742
  6. Cathy Dacey                  24.841
  7. Leighann Nickerson  24.940
  8. Sheralee MacEwan    25.011
  9. Krista Packer               25.036            
  10. Denise Levy-Kennie  25.070
  11. Terri Snow                    25.125
  12. Sandra Saunders        25.210
  13. April Lahey                   25.795
  14. Sarah Harris                26.373
  15. Krista Boychuk           26.502
  16. Alicia Pilon                   26.618
  17. Fawnda Shaw              26.643
  18. Jenna McLaughlin     26.685
  19. Kelly Tilley                    26.715
  20. Aleta Kotylak               27.339
  21. Megan Banman          27.612
  22. Heather MacDonald 28.040
  23. Marie Lawson             28.937
  24. Rita Wile                       29.164
  25. Autumn Doucette      31.357
  26. Susan Lahey                32.326
  27. Heather Thibault       34.300
  28. Linda Kelly                   35.911
  29. Heidi Stierli                 51.680

Here are the fastest qualifiers for the men.jon

  1. Jon LaPierre                23.378
  2. Shane Wamboldt       23.468    
  3. Mike Bercier                23.723
  4. Alex Nickerson            23.834
  5. Rickey Banman          23.986
  6. Matt Kotylak                24.047
  7. Ross Thorne                 24.095
  8. Chris Purcell                24.123
  9. Zach Withrow             24.186
  10. Pierre Trudeau           24.256
  11. Kevin Moore                24.276
  12. Trevor MacDonald    24.302
  13. Kris Kitchin                 24.323
  14. Brock Yeaton              24.334
  15. Craig Cole                     24.354
  16. Lewis Thibault           24.477
  17. Gerry Kennie              24.486
  18. Stephen Vessey           24.505
  19. Doug Cox                      24.671
  20. Anthony Whitman    24.785
  21. Raymond Dacey         24.810
  22. Patrick Pilon               24.973
  23. Steven Hubley            24.988
  24. Adam Dignan              24.990
  25. Roger Boychuk           25.030
  26. Shawn MacDonald    25.139
  27. Ken Charsley               25.260
  28. Colin Kennie                25.516
  29. Brett MacEwan           25.677
  30. Edward Kelly               26.157
  31. Trevor Clark                 27.534
  32. Brian Kelly                    28.202


After 12 rounds of karting we were ready for the finals.  The finals are a different style of race.  It was a Grand Prix style race were the top 8 drivers line up and start as the green flag is dropped.  Then it is the driver who finishes 12 laps first that wins the trophy.

Congratulations to Kelsey Withrow as she took the women final by never losing her pole position right to the end. Whats was most impressive about Kelsey’s day was that she had the Third overall fastest lap of the day and I am sorry to say it but she was even .219 seconds faster then me. ;-)   We saw some pretty aggressive driving…. but in the end it was Kelsey on top.  She had her victory lap with the checkered flag.  Way to go Kels!

When everything was said and done and the dust cleared, it was Jon LaPierre on top for the men with a pretty impressive day at the race track.  Way to go Jon!  Above are 2 pictures of Jon and Kelsey with their 1st place trophies.  Overall we had a ton of fun with the guys from Kartbahn and KB Tactical, everyone had a blast.  Stay tuned for more fun with friends on the life team.

side%20stingerHere is a picture of the guns that were used for laser tag.  This is NOT your typical laser tag where we shoot people in a vest. This is Mission Based Laser Tag where you have to shoot people in the head.  This was a ton of fun. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and had to work as a team to win any game. Overall this was a huge successful promotional event. Special Thanks goes out to Matt Veinotte, Alex working the front desk and all the stuff on the race track and in the laser tag room. You guys made the whole evening run smoothly and quickly. Thanks again for everything

Thanks again to all the directors that put this event on, it was a huge success.  If you were part of all the pandemonium and would like to tell us about your night that would be awesome.  Just leave a comment at the bottom.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

New Turbo 25s – Obstacle Buster – Greg & Stephaine Winger

Hey Everyone, here is another great success story coming out of LIFE! We are just half way through our first year and things have no sign of slowing down! It is amazing 8 months into our LIFE careers the amount of success happening all over North America. Thanks to Orrin Woodward and Claude Hamilton for setting up such a spectacular business to be part of.

I wanted to say congratulations to our friends and business partners Greg & Stephanie Winger. This couple is all the way from Windsor, Ontario. Greg and Stephanie have achieved the level of Turbo 25, which means they are leading a minimum of 50 people in multiple communities throughout Ontario. They were recognized in front of hundreds of people in Ontario last month and are well on their way to Turbo 50 already!  Leighann and I are so proud of these two and all the people they are helping live the live they have always wanted. Here is a picture of Greg and Stephanie amazing family.

Dahlia, Stephanie, Lawson, Greg, and Hannah

Greg and Stephanie live each day to the fullest, they have an amazing story and I can’t wait for them to share it on stages around North America.

The Wingers

If you have met this couple or know them really well and they have made an impact on you in any way, please leave a comment at the bottom.

All th Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

Ontario Explosion – New Turbo 50s – Paul & Tara Ferrusi

How’s everyone doing on this fine June afternoon. I am excited to announce the newest Turbo 50s on Kaizen Dynasty.  I met Paul and Tara Ferrusi a little over 4 years ago and we hit it off right away. I have watched this couple go from being totally consumed with their everyday lives to going out and serving people throughout Ontario.  Paul and Tara have become some of the best students in our whole organization. They are both in their late twenties and you wouldn’t notice as they are wise beyond their years. I am excited for everyone to hear their story on stages around North America.

The Ferrusi’s

Here is an article that the Ferrusi’s have written about their time so far in LIFE.

What a simple concept, learn from other people’s mistakes and don’t do it.  Learn from other’s success and apply it.  Who ever thought it would be so simple.  Since we have been plugging into the Life information it has benefited us in numerous areas.  It has astonished us on how much the Life information has guided us down a path where we have focused on individually growing in our relationship.  By focusing on ourselves, it has allowed us to grow together as a couple.  Because of our growth in different areas we have watched our children grow and strive to be the best people they can be.  What we love about the Life information is not only seeing the growth in ourself, but watching other people improve their lives in all 8F’s.  The best of all is being able to pay it forward to everyone you meet by giving them access to information on having a better marriage, to be great parents, to grow individually and to have better financial knowledge.  We would have not be able to offer this to anybody, if it wasn’t offered to us.  So thank you Alex & Leighann Nickerson and Claude & Lana Hamilton for providing us with an opportunity to “Live the Life we have Always wanted!!”


Paul & Tara Ferrusi

Jonathan, Paul, Tara, Aiden Ferrusi

Leighann and I are so proud of this couple for their continued fight for a better future for themselves and the people around them. Turbo 50 is just a stepping stone for this couple and they are just getting started. Next for Paul and Tara is Round Table and freedom for the whole family.  Look out it will be here before you know it. If you know this couple and they have made a difference in your life in any way please leave a comment at the bottom.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

Claude and Lana Hamilton – Canadian Leadership Experts

Claude & Lana and Alex & Leighann

“Today’s featured Life Founders are Claude and Lana Hamilton. The Hamilton’s home is one of the largest in their Canadian province, which isn’t shocking to me since they have one of the largest dreams in the province also. Neither Claude nor Lana come from wealth, so how did this young couple achieve so much with so little? Simply put, they joined a leadership community, learned principles that allowed them to rise to their potential, and acted upon it.” READ MORE!!!!!……..

This is an amazing article written by Orrin Woodward describing Claude and Lana Hamilton’s journey to the successful people they have developed into today. This is a must read for anyone who wants to know the true story of the Hamilton’s. Enjoy.

If the Hamilton’s have been an inspiration or have helped you in any way in your Life, please leave a comment and tell us how.

All the Best In LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

The Family Unit – Purserving the Future for our Grandchildren

Orrin Woodward – Leadership Expert

The information I have been learning through Orrin WoodwardClaude Hamilton and the LIFE materials is creating a huge call to action and a sense of duty is being instilled within me. This is a post I felt compelled to write after an amazing conversation I had with my dad and his wife a few nights ago. Feel free to comment on my thoughts.

Today we are living in a society where the badge on most people’s shoulders is “I’m too busy.”  In contrast, the television ratings seem to be higher than ever. Today I was listening to a CD and reviewing some research done on, “How much time the average father in North America spends with their children on a daily basis.” What they mean by this is quality time; looking into the eyes of their child and communicating effectively. How much of this quality time would you guess is spent? Two hours, one hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes? The sad truth is that in today’s age, the average father will spend 37 seconds of quality time with their children a day. I was shocked beyond belief when I heard this. After looking at all the surveys and intense research done in this field, the speaker on the CD went on to talk about how today’s culture is preparing for a future where we will eventually lose all of our freedoms. Men today are seen in the media as being over weight couch potatoes that watch football and drink beer. That needs to change. I saw the movie “Courageous” a few weeks ago and it simulates a real life story about the family unit in today’s society. I believe this movie should be seen by every family and will cause a ripple effect to make people see how important the family unit really is. It’s one of those movies that you buy for yourself and watch over and over again. It’s about a call to action for all men to change their families for the better. Here is the movie trailer. 

The majority of parents today have the thought in their mind that they want to provide a better life for their kids. I can understand this for sure; however, the word “better” is actually replaced by the word “easier.” Back in “old school days,” as my dad would say, he was raised in a society where the family unit was the main thing.  Families ate dinner at the dinner table; they prayed together and were thankful for all that they had, no matter how little. Back then, you knew everyone in your community. If a project came up like building a barn, house or church, the whole community chipped in to help. Everyone valued each other and lived by the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Parents would instil their world views, principles, morals and ethics onto their children.  

What is it like today? These principles are slowly going by the wayside.  Many parents are ‘too busy’ to instil their beliefs onto their children. They expect our education system or day care providers to do this for them. In today’s age, our children are getting their morals and beliefs from the media and are learning how bad the world is way too early in life. This, in turn, causes a negative world view in their lives. When is the last time you saw a young person help someone they didn’t know, whether it be an elder in their community or a peer?

Today we are taught or educated in a field where the person or business (university or college) doing the teaching has no personal investment in making sure you succeed. I was reminded of this about six months ago when I was in Antigonish going through the drive-thru at a fast food establishment. I noticed the guy that handed me my food had a St. Francis Xavier University ring on; he had graduated from the local university and as a result, he gets to work for minimum wage. A very high percentage of graduates don’t even work in their field of study. Education today is way more about socializing than learning. Back in the “old school days,” you had a mentor that would teach you in your chosen field and this person had an invested interest in making sure you were successful. What happened to the days where people always seemed to have mentors in their life that truly cared for your well-being and wanted to make a difference in this world? They really are few and far between. I really feel blessed that Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward have come into my life and challenged me in all the 8F’sand taught me “how to think” instead of “what to think.” 

Oliver DeMille

I had the amazing privilege of listening to one of the top 10 freedom fighters in the world, Oliver DeMille. He gave a talk on what it will take to restore the freedoms in our countries. I was in a crowd of about 18,000 people who were on the edge of their seats the whole time he spoke. He asked for volunteers in the fight for freedom; he knows he can’t do it alone. He finished up by saying that if only 3% – 5% of the people in our countries would stand for freedom, then we would go into a Freedom Shift that will preserve a better future for our grandchildren then what their fate is now.

Will you be part of the 3% – 5 %? Your grandchildren are counting on you!

All the Best in LIFE, Alex Nickerson