Turbo 25 – Sandra Saunders – Chasing Freedom

Hows everyone doing today? Absolutely incredible I hope. Here is my next post about one of the up and coming leaders out of Nova Scotia, Canada. Her name is Sandra Saunders and she is all the way from Shubenacadie, NS.

Sandra SaundersLeighann and I have watched Sandra excel when she is focused and running for a goal. She is one of the best at asking the right questions and is not afraid of criticism. Sandra was recognized at the March Seminar for going Turbo 25 and Team 100, which means she has an organization of at least 100 people in it, of which a minimum of 25 people being in second community. She has a big dream and a huge heart for people.  Be prepared to see Sandra on this blog a lot.

Sandra has been a huge inspiration to many women as she builds her LIFE business as a single.  She is married to her husband Paul and has three great kids Alex,  Krystin and Andrew as well as a 1-year-old grandson named Kayden.

Sandra qualifies for the trip to Florida to hang out with Orrin and Laurie Woodward on March 25th, 2012.

Stay tuned for updates on the Florida trip and all the fun and excitement in the coming weeks.

Congratulations again Sandra. We are excited to see what 2012 brings for you and your community.

If anyone knows Sandra personality and she has made an impact in your life, please leave a comment at the bottom and like this post. ;-)

All the best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson

15 responses to “Turbo 25 – Sandra Saunders – Chasing Freedom

  1. Congrats Sandra,very happy you came into my life,I have watched how persistent you are and you inspire me to keep going through all my struggles.Thanks for all you do!

    • Linda…I am blessed to have you in my life as well! You have such great people skills that I learn from you as well! Believe you can do it and you will!
      Love ya!

  2. Congratulations Sandra – you are a very inspiring lady. Wishing ALL the qualifiers a safe and exciting trip!

    • Janet, you are an inspiring lady as well! The courage and tenacity that you showed during your trials last year, was and should be an example to everyone! You are indeed a woman of strength!

      Love you cross line cousin!

  3. Congratulations, Sandra! From the first Team event I attended, you have been such an encourager and leader and an inspiration to me. Although we are crossline cousins, you have a special place in my heart and am blessed to be a part of Kaizen Freedom Chasers with you! Way to go! Chase freedom, girl!!
    Julie xo

    • Thank you Julie and Trevor! You have a special place in my heart as well! Your story is an inspiration to all and one day when you tell it from stage, everyone will know what the power of our system can do for a marriage!
      I am blessed to know you and to share a parallel line on our life’s journey!
      Congrats on your accomplishments as well! See you in Florida!

  4. Congratulations, Sandra!
    You are a REAL go-getter! I’m sorry that we weren’t able to follow you, on your rise, but sometimes these things happen.
    You were extremely supportive while we were active, and you still are!
    Thank you! You deserve it all!

  5. Congrats Sandra, anyone who needs that boost,re-assurance or just a kick in the rear—this is the place to get it. Sandra believes in what she does and does what she believes! Awesome Leader.

  6. Sandra is an awesome mentor to my husband, Kevin, and I. She tells it like it is but in an encouraging and uplifting way. It’s wonderful how she can relate to us and give us the guidance that we need.

    Way to go Sandra and congrats on your Turbo 25! I can’t wait to see you offstage when we reach that level because of you’re mentoring!!!!

    Love Christine

    PS have an awesome time in Florida with Orrin & Laurie!!!!

    • Thanks Chfristine! I will definitely be there, to congratulate you and Kevin as you reach this goal in the near future! I enjoy working with you both! Keep up the learning and you will keep moving up!

      Love ya’s !

  7. Congratulations Friend on this step towards your dreams! Steve and I are so proud of your accomplishments and your perseverance, drive and belief! We look forward to many fun filled years together!

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