New Turbo 25′s – Making a Difference

I want to say thank you to Orrin Woodward and Claude Hamilton for putting my wife and I in a position to watch and help people change their lives in this amazing environment called LIFE. Here are the next group of amazing leaders coming out of Canada.

I want to say congratulations to the following two couples for going out there and helping people better their lives in the 8 F’s. A Turbo 25 is the break through level in our business where you are leading and mentoring a group of a minimum of 50 people.  This is a huge deal because who ever hits this level are sacrificing the short-term for long-term results. Super proud of these guys.

Trevor, Julie, Paige and Alyssa Macdonald

Congratulations to Trevor and Julie MacDonald, who are from Port Williams Nova Scotia

Congratulations  to Paul and Tara Ferrusi, who are from Port Colburne Ontario

Both of these couples have set retirement dates in the next few months for their wives to come home and be full-time moms. It’s so exciting watching their goals and dreams come true because they were willing to go out there and do the work to make it happen. This is just the first of many post to come of families hitting new levels and changing lives.

If you know these two couples and they have made an impact on your life in any way,  please leave a comment at the bottom.

All the Best in LIFE,

Alex Nickerson